I am really satisfied with being a lazy gnome. I knew inside that I was really a gnome... I didn't chose the gnome life... The gnome life chose me.
I accidentally turned myself into a gnome last fall. It was nice at first, but I forgot the web address of the anti-transformer and have been stuck since then as a gnome. It is great to be human again now that I relocated this site.
good site for gnome enthusiasts
Being a gnome cured my dyslexia, thanks.
Thank you, I have been a gnome for a while now, but I have decided that being a human is better. I will use what I have experienced here forever.
Hello, it is I memes McGee. If you want big bux please email me. Goodbye friends.
Hello gnome friends. I am now a gnome. I like being gnome. Gnome is good for life. Greetings from Latvia.
the memes will become supreme
Well this was a real experience for me, I never really understood the struggle of being a deaf gnome until I came across this website. My thanks to the creator, this has been a real eye opener for me.
Wow I never thought that turning into a gnome was possible. Thanks to I am now living out my lifelong dream of being a gnome. Thank you so much for changing my life.
I have honestly never had more fun with my involvement on the internet. This is my favorite site, and there is clearly nothing better. Happy I found this wonderful site!
i thought my name was chloe but now that im a gnome im jeffery
I am a gnome!!!!
Gnomeo oh Gnomeo, where fore art thou Gnomeo!!!
Good afternoon, Spring is here, and thine gnomes are merrily frolicking in doth forest! We proudly would like to show thee a quick tour of thine cottage.
From whence dost thine have the four seasons?
Thank you so much for this wonderful page! My friends and I have learned so much about gnomes and are now having a gnome-themed party in our german class! We have considered becoming gnomes, but alas, we have decided to further our education so that we may better the lives of gnomes everywhere by giving them the rights they never thought they would have.
/`o`/ *they see me gnomein' > they hatin* \'o'\
/`o`/ *they see me gnomein' > they hatin* \'o'\
Guyz im so happy! All my life I have been wanting to be a gnome! It has been my life long dream and now it has come true!!! I have a really strong feeling that i can finally make something of myself now that I am officially a gnome. I now have so much to look forward to in life. So I bid you farewell fellow Gnomes and happy Gnoming!!!

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