i am gnome
p0 hgnome real p0 n0p0 funny sip0 real
I reject my humanity Jojo!
that was scary. i'm glad i'm a human again.
10/10 Never going back, reject humanity, become gnome Gnome is love, gnome is life And frankly, all I could ever dream to be
10/10, greatest gnome experience
I like being a gnome :>
heeheehee :)
I can't believe it worked. I'm a gnome now.
10/10 would Gnome again.
Thank god i could become a gnome.
I really love this site, I always dreamt of becoming a gnome!!!
I am a lazy gnome! fear my ineptitude.
I just wanted to cure my boredom... Now I'm a gnome.
oml im so happy
Okay I'm a gnome. Now what!!!
so happy to be a gnome :o). there should be a site like this for aspiring orcs, though.
Thanks for letting me be a gnome.
I have been gnomed yet again. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

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