I love being a gnome!
You have made my dream come true. thank you.
This worked for me it's how I really got my start online. Thanks for turning me into a gnome.
Oh man. I love gnomes.
Eu amo um pudim... ahhhhh que delicia cara!!!
I just realized Gnomes can't type...
dam neat i became a gnome and then returned back to human had a fun time 10/10
Hi, guys!
is good to have a good elf games hehe XD
What a fantastic website. My dream of becoming a gnome has been fufilled
I'm such a sleepy gnome
I love gnomes.
This is the most stupidest websites I've found. ._.
Beautiful website, I like to use it in my free time, like weekends. Works 100% of the time. My personal fav is the lazy gnome.
Ok then...
im a deaf gnome im really sad
I am from the mountains. In Russia. I was born with royal blood. I have multiple birthmarks shaped like dragons in various places. To become a gnome is not the duty of a princess such as I. But anything to escape the coronation.(I said duty😂😂)
yes i too have been turned into a gnome fellow gnome-humans. i'm definitely not an alien pretending to be a human
This is an extremely useful website. I converted me and all of my friends into gnomes and we finally found a way to get rid of my younger sister. (MWAHAHAHAH!!!) I am going to stay a gnome for a while.

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