i haven't been able to stop thinking about gnome and dwarfs for days now. so the only logical thing i could do was asking Google "I NEED TO BECOME A GNOME". i did not think i would actually get a solution to my problem but im very thankful. <3 löve löve
Gosh diddly dang it, I guess I'm a gnome now. I can't wait to do gnomey things like steal children in their sleep and feast on them.
WowoWooWowOwOW I'm a gnome. I Can't wait to eat my friends first born child! Thanks website gods :D
This makes me so happy. I never knew! Being a gnome is better than anything! EVEN PICKLES!
i'm gnot a gnelf
Ever since I became a gnome, I have been able to live my life in a way I have never had before. I am as happy as ever now that I have unlocked my full potential as a happy gnome!
Ever since I've become a gnome I've never been happier, probably because I was given the happy gnome form. I never want to change back!
Oh my god me and my bestie got the same gnome transformation and now we're gnomies!!! Very epic, loving gnomehood, gnome/10
Me and my friend became random gnomes and are the same gnome. Brothers. Gnomers. It feels so good to be seen. Thank you.
gnome time
Thanks to this wonderful website, i am now one with the gnomes. I may be a deaf one now, but i'm already living the life, also i already ate a small child. Again, thank you creator of the website for this!
Truly an amazing website. I am forever changed, and ever grateful. I feel more connected to nature,the Earth, the moon... I can never repay what this site has given me.
Thank you so much! Being gnome is awfully amazing! Thank you!
Hello gnomes how do I now if I’m now a gnome
I am gnome, or am I?
I liked punk rock like the frequently asked questions said but I always had front row seats and my ears literally got blasted off my head from the sound waves coming from the amplifier and I am now deaf.
I’m a sleepy Gnome and I have never been more happy!!!!!!!!!!
I've been gnomed.
Bowen. Where is the Gnome? Gnome?
Holy shish! I'm a gnome! I love Sauce and JoJ!

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