I am a happy gnome, and this makes me quite jolly. Merry Christmas
I'm a damn gnome, I've got a bank to rob later, this isn't gonna work....
gnot a gnoblin
beautiful, I have always dreamed of becoming a gnome but for many years thought this was impossible. Thank you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
h elp my new gnomeee fingerd too smalll 4 keyboard
i love being a gnome thank you gnome website
This is beautiful
yeeeeees thank you sooooo much. thats just what i need to gnome. im gnoming aaauuuss. i have to gnoooomeee aaaaaaaggghhhhhh.
so glad i'm tonk 👍
chris wuz here
being a gnome has freed me from the aguish of human life. I deeply thank you.
Me and Lee are gnomes. :O) <-- me as a gnome.
i'm a gnome now i regret everything help internet went out
A Gnome that certainly enjoys Punk Rock
I've been gnomed!
-- i wanted to try being a gnome and i like it but my cat ran away but thats probably because the microwave was beeping so im probably gonna become human again idk --
Gnome life or no life
I love my new body;)

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