Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all the questions about gnomes and this site.

Q: How does this site work?
A: This site using high classified technology which allows the click of the button to change a human into a gnome. Often times the human doesn't feel or look any different. But everyone around them knows that something about them is different.

Q: Now that I am a gnome what do I eat?
A: Most gnomes eat a diet of mushrooms, grass, various eggs and the occasional small child.

Q: What is the average height and weight of a gnome?
A: The average male gnome weighs about 300 grams the average female weights 250-275 grams and most gnomes are around 15cm tall.

Q: What do gnomes do for fun?
A: Gnomes have a lot of pastime activities such gardening, glass blowing, and “human watching”

Q: What kind of music do gnomes listen to?
A: Most gnomes listen to folk music but every now and then you get one that like punk rock.

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